LifePO4 Batteries for Solar Energy Storage

The lithium iron phosphate battery is shortly known as LiFePO. 4 battery

Lead acid batteries going to be replaced by lithium iron phosphate  (LifePO4) very soon and you may be curious to know LifePO4 Batteries advantages and benefits of this future batteries, here are the few for your help:

LifePO4 battery

  1. Long cycle life: Under 80%DOD, the life cycle is 2000 times.
    In same working environment, LiFePO4 Battery Life is 5-6times longer than Lead acid battery.
  2. Recharge efficiency is greatest benefit. With lithium battery recharges way quicker than lead acid batteries
  3. LifePO4 batteries are more efficient, which is more than 30% efficient than lead acid batteries
  4. Easy maintenance: Lithium has inbuilt system to protect themselves by monitoring voltage, temperate, cycle life etc. 
  5. Safer: Unless under extreme situation, LiFePO4 battery will never explode.
  6. Bigger Capacity: In same volume, LiFePO4 battery capacity is 1.5times of Lead Acid Battery.
  7. Lighter: In same capacity and voltage, LiFePO4 battery weight is 1/3 of Lead Acid Battery.
  8. High Temperature Resistance: LiFePO4 Battery working Temperature range is -20℃ – 75℃.
  9. More than anything else, Environment Friendly.